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The landscape of medical research in Australia is constantly evolving, as are the opportunities and positive outcomes available to international clinical research teams interested in partnering with Victorian health institutions. However, it is important to understand the nuances of Australian taxation, intellectual property law, and regulatory pathways to take full advantage of Victoria as a clinical trial site.

Global Victoria’s network of international offices provides interested parties a local avenue to explore our state’s world-class capabilities in a wide range of industries, from medical trials and clinical research to transport infrastructure and retail.

For those looking to undertake a clinical trial, Global Victoria acts as a gateway for international clinical research communities to access information about all the state of Victoria has to offer in the field of medical research.

Potential sponsors of clinical trials can also gain insight into the more complex speed bumps (such as IP protection and ethical review) present in any international medical research undertaking. Liaising with an experienced trade officer makes the journey to a successful Victorian clinical trial as smooth as possible.

The delegates and trade officers at Global Victoria are best placed to direct your enquiries and provide you with the relevant resources and industry insights necessary to evaluate Victoria as a site for your next clinical study.

Discover in person what Victoria can offer your medical health research. Visit the Global Victoria website to locate your nearest trade office.

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