Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

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The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is one of Australia’s leading medical research institutes with a strong national and international track record of research excellence and scientific discovery. Since 1926, the Institute has been dedicated to tackling the deadly trio of diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Our Melbourne and Alice Springs facilities provide state of the art equipment and dedicated research spaces. Our Melbourne facilities are located on one of the leading medical research precincts in Australia, the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct. Our Alice Springs facility is based at the Alice Springs Hospital in Central Australia.

Our highly diverse team of over 300 staff includes talented bench-top scientists and cardiologists, diabetes physicians, epidemiologists, dietitians, psychologists, nurse educators, renal specialists and physical activity experts.

Our research extends from the laboratory, to clinical research, to large international clinical trials, to wide scale population health investigations and aboriginal health programs.

We also provide a range of specialist clinic services including cardiovascular, diabetes, exercise physiology, ophthalmology and respiratory clinics for people looking for evidence-based care.


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