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NRL, a division of St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, is a not-for-profit, scientific organisation whose mission is to promote the quality of tests and testing for infectious diseases globally.  As a designated WHO Collaborating Centre for Diagnostics and Laboratory Support for HIV and AIDS and Other Blood-borne Infections, NRL supports laboratories, in Australia and internationally, that diagnose and manage human infectious disease.

NRL offers specialised laboratory services, especially for blood borne pathogens including HIV, hepatitis B and C. NRL is accredited as a medical testing laboratory compliant with ISO 15189 and with ISO 9000, and is licensed to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for screening of blood and tissue donations. All NRL activities operate under strict quality management systems.

Apart from using commercial diagnostic tests, NRL’s scientists have the capability to develop and validate novel tests, including using different specimen types, for blood-borne and other infectious diseases.   NRL has a large repository of well-characterised, blood-derived specimens, many from different parts of the world, maintained in a well-monitored bio-repository. These specimens can be used or provided for test validation or research purposes. NRL can facilitate the shipping and importation of infectious materials.




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